Equipment    Apparel All kind of colours/shades of olive as well as camouflage ere prohibited both  during training seminares, tournements and championships. WHBA - determined outwear has to be worn in all archery disciplines. Bow & Only bows with shelf are allowed in all WHBA disciplines. Arrow Wooden arrows and broadhead blades are prohibited due to safety reasons. See WHBA sporting rules for more details.              bows with shelf    Quiver A hip quiver is applied for WHBA target shooting; ;   a BQS quiver at horseback and practical shooting.         BQS quiver              Equitation Normal accessories as also used in other federations are allowed. Auxiliary reins, side reins etc. are not allowed.  Same for bareback riding / with side saddle and shooting are prohibited. See WHBA sporting rules for more details.   Picture on the left side shows helmet without brim for horseback archery. zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom  for  all  WHBA - Archery  disciplines Dressage              saddle                Western saddle